2 chibi Male Paper craft

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Hey guys .. Sorry for not updating for a long time. I was actually looking for more information on the model that I will be sharing today.

Sadly I did not find any more information of it.

So I will just give it name of 2 chibi male paper craft.

I did try asking if anyone knows who these two character are in our facebook page but nobody seems to know. Perhaps you guys can tell me who this 2 guys are?

And so I decided to just share it.

There is 2 character we see here. One is wearing a haori , a shopkeeper uniform if one may say. Perhaps he is in a school festival? As he also looks like a school boy wearing a tie.

The other guy is wearing a yellow shirt holding a black screw of some sort.

Both are easy to assemble with red haori only needs 2 sheets of paper while yellow dude requires 3 sheets of paper.

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