Anarchy Stocking Papercraft

Anarchy Stocking is a character from Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt anime.

Background Synopsis

“Stocking Anarchy” is a character from the anime series “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.” Stocking is a gothic lolita angel who wields a pair of magical stockings that transform into deadly swords. With her elegant appearance and sweet demeanor, she often contrasts her partner, Panty, who is more outgoing and provocative.

Stocking’s love for sweets is evident as she is frequently seen indulging in various desserts. Despite her initial reserved nature, she possesses exceptional combat skills and is a valuable asset in their quest to defeat evil spirits. Stocking’s complex personality and unique fashion style make her a captivating and beloved character in the anime.

In my opinion , Stocking Anarchy is the serious one while panty is the reckless one. Stocking has very long purple and pink hair, teal eyes and rather large breast.

She usually wears a black and white Gothic Lolita dress with a bow in her hair and a pair of distinctive striped stockings, though occasionally she has been seen in other outfits, including a school uniform, long formal dresses, a business suit and a bathing suit.

I love seeing fans cosplaying as anarchy in anime events. The wigs is especially long doesn’t it ? But cosplayers manage to make it looks realistic.

Requires 8 sheets of paper and designed by Fruity. This papercraft templates used to be hosted by 3DZHIMO which no longer exists.

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