Battle Chess Black Queen Papercraft

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Black Queen Papercraft is based on a character from Battle Chess, a video game version of chess in which the chess pieces come to life and battle one another when capturing.

Battle Chess Black Queen Papercraft papercraft designer is lubre53 and it requires 12 sheets of paper . According to lubre53 , in order to print this file you will need A2 card with around 220gsm weight. cut card up the middle so that you have a piece that is wide enough to fit into printer and is 2 X A4 length.

A similar game to Battle Chess called Battle VS Chess was developed by TopWare Interactive for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii , Psp and NDS. However, Interplay filed and won an injunction for trademark infringement in 2010 and TopWare was prevented from releasing Battle vs Chess in the United States

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