Celestia Ludenberg Papercraft

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Waving a curly pigtail and joker card in hand is Celestia Ludenberg ,real name Taeko Yasuhiro is a famous gambler known as the Queen of Liars.

She is featured in Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair and her title is Super High School Level Gambler.

Yeah long title I know. Lately Japanese dev must at least make one game/anime that has long title. It kind of a fetish for them.

Dangan Ronpa, is a murder mystery visual novel developed by Spike exclusively for Japan. It was released to PSP on November 25, 2010, and in August 25, 2012 it was later made available for iOS and Android OS.

Sequel to the game was released on July 26, 2012 named Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farewell Despair Academy .

This papercraft were made by Gospel , a chinese papercraft designer.

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