Evil Megas Mecha Paper craft

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Our mecha here is a megas from cartoon series Megas XLR. This mecha is piloted by Evil Coop.

Since I don’t watch the series, actually never even heard of it .. I can’t tell you much about the story other than what’s written on its wikipedia.

Evil Coop has abandoned Megas for a long time, and now possesses a red and black mech with flame designs all around it, with the racing number 13 on its left shoulder (probably to signify the upgrade from Megas whose racing number is 12). Based on his and Evil Kiva’s remarks about Megas, this mech is most likely more powerful than it (having destroyed it in the last episode).

Its weapons include a rocket fist, an energy sword, and an arm-mounted blaster. He also has a fortress with a dimensional gate, and an army of White drones.

Model is build and designed by MarcGo26.

Download Evil Megas