FSS Phantom Papercraft

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This is Phantom from the Five Star Stories. The Phantom is a mortar headd of mysterious origin. They first appeared during the Great War of Magic at various points around Hathuha during the early conflicts. There are three models of Phantom, each one precisely the same except for the coloration.

The White Phantom is piloted by Blanche Knight, Naias Brunehilde of the Kneu Syltiss White Group. The Scarlet Phantom by former Kensei, Ena dai gu Fillmore, the grandmother of the Fillmore Emperor. Finally, the Black Phantom is piloted by Madora Morai, daughter of Orricon Harris and Green Left Mirage Knight.

FSS Phantom model comes in 5 color templates. Templates are separated with colors and comes in PDF. Amount of paper requires are ; Black 1 paper, Gold 1 paper, Silver 1 paper, Gray 10 papers, and White 13 papers.

The assembling guide comes in 7 .PDO files, please remember that .PDO files is opened using Pepakura Viewer. FSS Phantom model is designed by One Star

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