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Haru is a 80-year old fox herald of Kamio Shrine. She was once a young fox who had been killed by a vehicle and her spirit followed Satoru’s great-grandfather to Kamio Shrine and become a herald.

She is very attached to Satoru and is jealous of any girl who approaches him .

Gingitsune anime is about Makoto Saeki has an ability called The Sight that allows her to see Shrine’s Herald. She was officially named as the 15th heiress by Gintaro, the Shrine fox messenger.

My apologies.. I have never read or watch Gingitsune that I had to ask in our fb page about Haru’s character 😛 Haru’s templates comes in .PDO and PDF.

To open .PDO you will need PDO Viewer and to open PDF files you will need Adobe PDF Reader. Haru requires 6 sheets of paper with easy assembling difficulty.

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