Griselda & Gwendolyn Odin Sphere Paper craft

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Kujira craft did it again by coming out with both Griselda & Gwendolyn paper craft . Best part? It’s pose-able.

Both character is from Odin Sphere, an action role-playing game made for the PS4.

Griselda is the 2nd born daughter and the older sister of Gwendolyn. Appearance wise they look the same which is why I think Kujira craft came out with both models on the same day.

Aside from Griselda is purple and Gwendolyn is blue, they both looks the same to me .

Griselda is the commander of the Valkyrie Army and was ordered by Lord Odin to lead troops against the Fairy army of Ringford.

Sadly she didn’t live long, injured in the battle and Gwendolyn was there to comfort her in her dying moments.

Okay why is this story so sad darn it… 🙁

We already have Gwendolyn paper craft before but that one is fixed and non pose-able like this new version.

Download Gwendolyn and Griselda