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What we have here is a Japanese version of a clinic’s building paper craft which is useful for diorama purposes.

The scale of this clinic is 1/150. Not really a suitable background dioramas for figma but might do well with HG Gundam or if you’re just interested in building diorama itself than this model is pretty good and easy to build.

This diorama is designed by Hol_nice from Japan. There’s a stunning different from building paper craft made by westerners and Japanese. The differences are western dioramas are plain, usually made in square box , easy to assemble but lacking in realistic like a paper toy for kids.

Japanese diorama are a bit more advance where you have curves,hinge, accessories and small parts to show details in buildings making it look like a real replica. Once you met a real diorama / paper crafts, you won’t want those kiddies stuff.

Thus is why I have avoided in sharing certain paper craft released by a certain paper crafters. His model is surely nice in textures (printing color) but they’re just plain papers.

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