iRobot Warrior 701 Papercraft

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The next-generation force multiplier, the iRobot 710 Warrior is a big and powerful robot that carries heavy payloads, travels over rough terrain and climbs stairs while performing a variety of critical missions

No this is not another Steve Jobs creation. iRobot 710 Warrior is strong and rugged, capable of carrying payloads weighing more than 68 kilogram. iRobot 710 warrior or specifically made for defence and security , which is quite weird as the motto for this robot is carries heavy payloads but is sold under defense and security. I thought “strong and rugged, capable of carrying payloads weighing” was supposed to mean more into heavy industry work?

iRobot Warrior 701 papercraft requires 9 sheet of paper and designed by RocketmanTan

iRobot Warrior 701 Papercraft Templates