Kongo Sensei : Houseki No Kuni Paper craft

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Like title this is Kongo Sensei from Houseki No Kuni anime.

Kongo is the head of gem, a teacher, a protector and a father figure in the anime.

It is said that he is considered as the strongest in Houseki No Kuni.

Naw, I don’t watch Houseki No Kuni so I’m not sure what’s the anime is about but from the description it should be a battle type anime? Do correct me if I’m wrong.

You can watch the show on crunchyroll or any anime free streaming sites.

This model is designed by S.V pepakura. However he made it bigger than normal paper craft model he usually make, as you can see from the featured picture.

The height of Kongou is 39 cm with 8 sheets of papers required.

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