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Keke Tang is one of the main characters in Love Live Superstars!! This anime papercraft of her is built by RageBurster.

Presently, Keke Tang is in her third year at Yuigaoka Girls’ High School. She holds the distinction of being both the pioneer and an original member of Liella!, as well as participating in the sub-unit KALEIDOSCORE. Her designated hue is that of a soothing pastel blue.

I don’t know much about its anime series as I don’t follow idols type of anime, however I can guess that this anime is your typical slice of life anime going over the idols life and of course they’re promoting the songs by these girls as well.

Among her solo song title is ;

  • Oh! Ready Steady Positive
  • Mizuiro no Sunday
  • Hoshikuzu Cruising
  • Anniversary
  • Ringing!
  • Endless Circuit
Screenshot 2023 08 31 123102 - Love Live Keke Tang Anime Papercraft

Requirements: 6 sheets of paper and PDO designer/viewer for instructions. As usual you can get more anime papercraft on our website. Do have a scroll around.

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