Narita Unari-kun Paper craft

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Narita city has a mascot and he is Unari-kun. The city decided to build a fun crafts for kids so they created a blue bird which similarly looks like tweeter mascot.

It’s probably due to Narita is famous for its airport.

Unari told us that his birthday is on 21 Nov which is tomorrow !! But he’s not telling us his age.. Playing tacky. I had a feeling that he’s more than 100 years old.

Unari-kun says that he’s an alien from a planet called Unari . One day he decided to scroll around space and saw the greatest airport on earth which is Narita City’s airport. So he roll down and make a living there as a mascot.

What on earth is going on. Who the heck wrote this storyline? But it deserve to have an anime. I mean you get the weirdest anime out there so why not add another one. Made by pontarocene

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