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Noeru or Noel is an anime character from Celestial Method ( Sora No Method ).

So.. I didn’t know who she is until I googled her name . Spoiler alert incoming: Turns out she’s among the main characters of Sora No Method’s anime… And she is an alien.

Noeru is another model made by Laham and when we talk about Laham he/she always had video assembling guides come with his/her scale models. The only downside is that you need to register to view nicovideo and every single thing on that website is in Japanese.

This model comes with two Pdo files, one template for Noeru and another is for the big leaf. That leaf kind of reminds me when Morita forces Hagu ( Hachimitsu to Clover ) to hold the same looking leaf and called her alien/fairy.

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