Optimus Prime : The War Within

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Most people are familiar with the movie “Optimus Prime: The War Within.” Today, I’m excited to share a full transformable papercraft model of Optimus Prime.


In “The War Within” series, Optimus Prime undergoes a dynamic evolution, delving into his past and leadership struggles during the Cybertronian civil war.

This introspective journey unveils the formidable leader’s inner conflicts, exploring his commitment to peace amid the raging war.

Optimus Prime’s character development in “The War Within” adds layers to his persona, showcasing resilience and dedication, making him a pivotal figure in the Transformers lore.

When I say “transformable,” I mean that, much like the name suggests in “Transformers,” this model can undergo a transformation into two modes: the truck and the Optimus Prime figure.

This also implies that it comes with numerous challenging-to-assemble parts, and if you embark on this project, it should take a minimum of a week to complete.

Model is made by “Unknown”.

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