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The Triplane model were used by the British Royal Naval Air Service back in 1916 during the WW1 with the Germans.

There were a few variants of Sopwith Triplane and the famous and largely manufactured ones are Fokker Dr.I since it was made popular by the “Red Baron” Manfred Von Richthofen, a German fighter pilot .

Watch the movie if you haven’t, aside from romance theme.. the fighting scene and the life of Red Baron story were great.

I can’t get rid of heroinee Sarah Connor’s image when watching it.

This scale model comes in two different templates, N5486 and N5912. There is nothing much in difference in body parts other than the design. Difficulty level in making this is around 4/5.

These two models are scaled at 1:32 and were redesigned by Leif.Ohlsson1.

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