RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Papercraft

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Here you go an action figure papercraft of Gundam Unicorn ( Unicorn Mode ).

To be honest Unicorn is among one of the sexiest gundam model ever designed. The modern designs makes me fall in love with it.

I bought Unicorn High Grade version by Daban the minute they released it. Mine was Unicorn Burst mode and Banshee.. and I was planning to post my finish gunpla here long time ago and kept delaying until Tankuv got bored of me and released a paper templates version lol.

Yes you read that right. It’s Daban model made in China but I can assure you the quality only fall a few steps behind than Bandai. And no, Tankuv doesn’t knw me personally.

As for this model, Tankuv include the warehouse base templates as well. Base warehouse is where Gundam is placed for rest/maintenance. In the gunpla model kits, the base is used as a diorama / stand .

They said Mobile Suit UC has one of the best anime storyline for the whole gundam series. You guys should go and watch it online on a free streaming site somewhere. I think Animetake might have a free stream of it, I mean you can’t build a beautiful model like this without understanding its history first..