RX-178 MKII Bust Paper Craft

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An AEUG model of RX 179 MK II bust paper craft by Black Gentle, a korean paper craft designer .

It is based on Banpestro released : Banpresto RX-178 Mk-II TITANS Head (Bust) Display that was sold for 2800 yen.

Its most memorable appearances is in Zeta Gundam series, however… The memorable thing of RX-178 to me is that his driver name is Kamille, which reminds me of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. My condolences Kamille..

This model requires 15 sheet of printing paper with 3 gray, 5 navy blue, 1 Red, 4 White and 2 Yellow. As usual instruction is in PDO and 3d templates in PDF.

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