Sakura Kyouko Paper craft

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We have an anime main character paper craft today. It’s Sakura Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Kyoko has a red hair color and is estimated her age around 14-17 years old. In her magical girl form, she wears a dark red dress with an opening for her soul gem and a mandarin collar.

Her weapon in her magical girl form is a gold, silver, and red spear.

Kyouko has a sad back story where her father is a priest of some sort at church but has a radical religious view. Kyouko father later found out that Kyouko has magic power and thinks of her as a witch.

He drank himself with alcohol and later killed Kyouko’s mother and sister.

As for Sakura Kyouko’s anime paper craft requires 8 sheets of paper to build.

Download Sakura Kyouko