SD Argama Assault Carrier Papercraft

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The SD Argama Assault Carrier Papercraft is a Gundam battleship carrier inspired by Zeta Gundam. Crafted by Toriaezu and shared on myPapercraft by Jaka Pratama.


The Argama, the carrier ship in the Zeta Gundam series, is a pivotal spacecraft measuring 240 meters in length. Designed for interstellar travel, it features advanced mobility and weaponry.

With a formidable complement of mobile suits, including the iconic Zeta Gundam, the Argama becomes a strategic powerhouse in the ongoing conflict.

Sporting advanced technology and defensive capabilities, it serves as a mobile base for the AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group), supporting their mission to counter oppressive forces in the Universal Century timeline.

The SD Argama carrier falls into the medium difficulty category due to its intricate parts, requiring several days to complete. While it lacks a picture guide, it does include a PDO file that can be viewed with PDO Viewer.

The PDO viewer helps identify which parts correspond to each other, offering a somewhat instructional aspect to the process.

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