Self-propelled antitank gun 2C14 Zalo-S Paper craft

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Difficulty :

Self-propelled antitank gun 2C14″ Zalo-S” is a tank destroyer produced during 1969-1980.

If I’m not reading it wrong, the only number produced of this model is just one.

This antitank model is build for USSR and is a demo tank based on an experienced tank destroyer of the BTR-70 chassis .

The project of Zalo-S is discontinued due to the punching ability of the 85-mm 2A62 gun was not sufficient for war. It didn’t reach the height they wanted it to.

This tank is available in Armored Warfare : Armata Project PC game. It seems to be a Russian only game website which looks similar to World of Tank game.

Model in picture made by MaxArt

Download Zalo-S

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