Spiderman Advanced Suit Paper craft

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This is Spiderman paper craft of his advanced suit from the Spiderman game on PS4 by Imsoniac games.

This suit was designed exclusively for Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac Games. It is Spider-Man’s default suit that he crafts and wears for the majority of the game’s story.

After his suit became damaged during a confrontation with Wilson Fisk, Spider-Man headed to Octavius industries to repair it. He was caught in the act by his boss, Otto Octavius. Pretending to misinterpret the situation as if Peter was merely Spider-Man’s equipment designer and not Spider-Man himself, Otto took the liberty of improving over Peter’s design.

This Spiderman game paper craft is another model made by Rhangga Adiyaksa. He shares with us Spiderman Far From Home paper craft before.

Here’s a note from him ;

Spiderman Advanced suit consist of 5 pages and will be 26 height when fully assemble, and make sure to add some extra weight to the feet so it will stand firmly.

Thanks Rhangga Adiyaksa for sharing!!

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