Sukhoi Su-9 Papercraft

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The Su-9 was the Su-7’s interceptor counterpart, serving exclusively with the Soviet PVO (air defence force). The tailed delta Su-9 was generally similar in configuration to the MiG-21, though larger and heavier.

It’s not exported outside the Soviet Union, and saw active duty for only a brief period before other aircraft developments moved the Su-9 into second line service.

The Su-11 all-weather interceptor was a refinement of the Su-9 with a new engine, new radar and improved armament. The Sukhoi FISHPOT was withdrawn from Soviet service around 1980.

The Su-9 prototype was the T-3 experimental aircraft that had its maiden flight on May 26, 1956. About 1,000 Su-9s and a number of training two-seaters were produced until 1962.

The Su-9 was added into the Soviet Air Defence Service inventory in October 1960 and remained in service until the end of 1970s. About 30 air regiments were armed with Su-9, including 3 regiments in Moscow Air Defence Region. The Su-9 took part in the U-2 USAF reconnaissance aircraft interception.

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