Tournoel Castle Papercraft

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The Ch?teau de Tourno?l is part of Puy de la Banni?re . The castle or Chateau is dated back in XIth Century belonged to the Counts of Auvergne, in XIIIth century the castle was related to the Terre Royale of Auvergne and in the XIXth century it was given to seignuerial family.

This type of castle had several functions where the lord, their relatives and familiars lived there. Different rooms including a reception, guest room and festivities room were either located in the dungeon or in the bailey.

After being taken over by seignuerial family it has been transformed into what we can see today.

The family added dungeon crowned with loopholes,blocks of wall and a masonry for defense purposes and since then it has become a massive fort. This massive modification were made so that the building is able to stand up to a siege.

It is now being made as a tourist location. Tournoel Castle Papercraft model requires 9 sheets of paper, comes with jpg instruction . Difficulty is easy .

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