UD-4LXR Cheyenne Dropship CRU Papercraft

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Ever watched “Aliens” and thought, “I want my own UD-4LXR Cheyenne Dropship CRU Papercraft”? Well, Jan Rukr’s got you covered with a papercraft version of this iconic spacecraft.

In James Cameron’s “Aliens,” the UD-4L Cheyenne is the go-to troop transport and combat support vehicle. With its slick design and vertical take-off and landing capabilities, it’s the real MVP in the movie, deploying troops and handling rapid-response duties.

Jan Rukr, the brains behind the UD-4LXR CRU Cheyenne papercraft model. This DIY project brings the dropship to life using just 4 sheets of paper.

Rukr’s design captures the utilitarian essence of the spacecraft, making it a cool addition to your desk or shelf.

As for the crafting difficulty, it’s not rocket science, but it might challenge your patience a bit.

Download the UD-4LXR CRU Cheyenne papercraft model by Jan Rukr using the link below.

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