Aihara Yuzu Paper craft

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Haaa~ I’m a fan of Citrus manga and anime and this papercraft by S.V is now one of my favorite model. It’s Aihara Yuzu the main character from Citrus.

Personally I love Aihara Mei more so I hope S.V will make Mei later?

Currently Citrus anime is on air but I haven’t watch any episode except episode 1. I’m trying to save it for when it’s complete I’ll marathon through it 😛

Citrus is a Shoujo-ai story of two stepsister. Yuzu is the older sister but unbeknownst to her, she enters her first day of high school wearing all things wrong within school rules.

Mei who is the school student council president spotted Yuzu and gives her warning. This sparks battle between the two who did not know yet that they are “sisters”.

Yuzu paper craft requires 3 sheets of paper to build.

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