Aurora Airship Paper craft

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This steampunk airship paper craft model is based upon Kenneth Oppel’s book Airborn.

As usual, steampunk sci-fi model I posted are from Rocketman Tan from devianart.

Here’s what Rocketman Tan says about this model :
Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn has always held a special place in my heart…reading it in elementary school the book whisked me away to an alternate world where the sky was populated with great flying ships…where there was a whole world hidden within the skies themselves, where pirates, airmen, and native creatures roamed in freedom, skittering above the blue waves, visiting lands unknown and uncharted.

As much as I like to credit Star Trek for inspiring me to become a sailor, I feel that Oppel’s Airborn planted the seeds of that wanderlust, that desire to see those far-flung landscapes the Earth hid away from those stuck to the land…and, well, although the journey has been tough, like on the seas I shall brave the storms and hold fast.

This model is my own little tribute to Oppel and that book which started it all for me.

To me airship are always easy to build. Should be easy for you too

Download Aurora Airship