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Who doesn’t like girls with battleship ? Dunkerque is one of the battleship girls from Azur Lane mobile and Playstation game.

Everything about Dunkerque is actually foretold in her wikipedia. Here’s a summary of her ,

Dunkerque is an antagonist in Azur Lane. She is a battlecruiser for Vichya Dominion, representing Occupied France forces. Her real counterpart is French battleship Dunkerque. She could be built during Iris of the Light and the Dark event.

As a playable character, Dunkerque reveals she has a sister, Strasbourg, who take her place to lead the fleet, and complains that Army couldn’t hold for longer. She loves all sorts of patisseries, her chibi even features her with some in some positions. Dunkerque has no regrets towards Royal Navy for having sunk her, being totally aware of her nation’s situation.

Since I can’t read Chinese yet, I don’t know who made this Dunkerque papercraft. But in the PDO viewer it says 7thSunday is the author of Dunkerque.

Yes this model comes with instructions and JPG templates to print. What’s that means? It means you can choose to print via PDO or just use the JPGs templates.

Password as usual read FAQ please.

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