Bicycle Origami

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Someone on FB requested an origami paper craft so here it is, a bicycle origami.

Bicycle origami is not for the fainthearted as its difficulty is hard and has about 212 steps to build. The model and diagrams belongs to Jason Ku and I salute him for his patience in creating this wonderful model.

Bicycle Origami is from Origami tanteidan convention series, it come out monthly with many difficult types of origami.

Jason Ku is from USA, and a graduated student of Mechanical Engineering and currently a doctoral candidate from MIT. He has been folding since the age of five and began designing origami in high school. In 2005, I was invited as a Yoshino Fund special guest to teach and exhibit at the Tanteidan convention in Tokyo, Japan.

He is an editor for OrigamiUSA’s online magazine, The Fold and am a member of the OrigamiUSA board of directors.

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