Assassins Creed Jackdaw Black Flag Ship Papercraft

Such long titles, such fun, wow. Okay so this is the official release of Assassins Creed Jackdaw ship paper craft model by Ubisoft.

Assassins Creed Black Flag is the 4th installment of the video game series and it was design to be in the era of the lawless Caribbean, 1715.

The ship model comes in PDF had 17 pages in it including assembling tutorials, ship diagram and the templates itself. I didn’t bother to separate them as I feel very sleepy as I’m typing now. The pdf is very laggy too, not sure why.

The model were released back in February by Ubisoft twitter representative for a competition. I heard that you could win something swag if you won. Could it be the Caribbean gold? Well whatever it is the due date is long gone.

As for my opinion of the game, I loved the first series , love-hated the 2nd series, hate the third series where some Connor dude and some British-American guy had a feud something.

Nice scenery but don’t feel like the era fits the game genre also they changed a lot of game-play function for PS3 so hated it since I couldn’t tell which button for which and just keep mashing button to get the right menu and so I didn’t bother with the fourth installment hoo-ha.

Papercraft Templates