Black Rock Shooter Strength Paper Craft

Strength is one of the supporting cast in Black Rock Shooter OVA and 2012 anime series. She is the persona of Yuu Koutari.

I don’t watch BRS mainly because a friend of mine told me the anime storyline is a bit slow . I’m also fairly less interested with anything Miku-like.

From the models I can see that Strength is using mechanical arms, and she doesn’t have normal hand. Creepy mang.. It is said that her mechanical arms is called ‘Ogre Arm’.

Strength paper craft comes in both lines and no lines. They are in .PDO version so you need Pepakura Viewer in order to view them.

I am still receiving messages where people ask me password for these .PDO files. For your information if you open .PDO with Pepakura Designer, if the file is locked by the designer then yes it will ask for password because Pepakura Designer is made for designer, to create pepakura files.

So please, use Pepakura Viewer to view and print your templates. Pepakura Viewer is for normal users and they wont ask for password.

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