Asuna by Natalie

Natalie shared with me her finish Asuna model that she took a month ago .

She doesn’t have any option to retook the picture again so I decided maybe I’ll let this one slide with an agreement that she’d be my girlfriend *cough cough*

Anyway.. I stalked her profile a bit and she spoke 5 language, English, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese. Dude.. are you for real?

There wasn’t any much information about how she make this on her deviantart page and she too didn’t mention anything in her PM to me so.. I’ll wait for your next model then Natalie 😀 Please do provide me more info then

To others that would like to share your models please take your model photo with a piece of paper with your nickname and preferable too and submit to us by FB or by e-mail admin [at] mypapercraft dot net .

This model is the last one that I’ll take without identification stated above.

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