Bocchi The Rock Group Papercraft

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I’m also late to the party for this one, so I decided to group the papercraft models into one post featuring the Bocchi The Rock group papercraft.

  • “Bocchi the Rock!” is an anime about a high school band with a quirky lineup of characters. Hitori “Bocchi” Gotoh is the shy and anxious guitarist who dreams of stardom but struggles with social anxiety.
  • Nijika Ijichi is the energetic and cheerful drummer who keeps the group motivated.
  • Ryo Yamada, the bassist, is cool and laid-back, often providing the group with a sense of calm.
  • Finally, Ikuyo Kita, the charismatic vocalist, brings energy and excitement to their performances.

Together, they navigate the challenges of friendship, music, and high school life.

This model is not made by me, is made by June from Japan.


This papercraft model is free, but there’s a catch. You need to watch the video to get the password for the model. So PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO FOR PASSWORD.

According to June:
  • You will see six translucent numbers in the video.
  • These six numbers are your password.
  • A sound effect will be played when the numbers appear.