Lens Head Type-B robot Paper Model

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Bored of Gundam? then you might try this one for a change It is a sci-fi model made by Shunichi Makino (Biglobe), a Japanese sci-fi paper modelers website.

Most of the papercraft in Biglobe are related to Star Wars, Shin Getters and all kind of Japanese mecha anime series.

The articulation of this model is moveable, the hips, hands, and legs can be move left, right, up and down for posing. You can expect it to function like an HG Gundam model.

Lens Head Type-B is an original hobby model by Shunichi himself. The height of this robot is 250cm and requires a lot of sheets. It came in 14 PDF and 4 instruction guide also in PDF.

Lens Head Type-B robot Paper Model Download

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