Chibi Black Kamen Rider Paper craft

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When I was 8 , Black Kamen Rider is the show I watched every evening.

Every day at 5 PM, I used to find myself glued to the TV, savoring my rice while immersed in the world of Black Kamen Rider. Unfortunately, when the show ceased airing on my national TV channel, my connection to the Kamen Rider series dwindled – those were the days before widespread internet access.

So, stumbling upon this paper craft model is like taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Crafted by RondiPaper, this chibi rendition of Black Kamen Rider stands at an impressive 29 cm in height and spans 38 cm in width, comprising 194 parts. For a chibi model, it’s remarkably sizable. To construct the chibi alone, you’ll need 8 sheets of paper. Feel free to skip building the base if you prefer.

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