Chibi Kurusu Shou Paper craft

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Kurusu Shou is a character from Uta No Prince Sama anime and this is his chibi paper craft.

Shou is a student of Saotome Academy, sorted into S Class. He is a member of ST?RISH and the twin brother of Kaoru Kurusu.

So the anime have 3 seasons and Shou’s age changes with the seasons too. In season 1 he is 15~16 years old , 17~18 (Season 2), and 20+ (Season 3).

Sadly I like many other paper craft posted here, didn’t watch the series so didn’t know what’s the anime about but if it has 3 running season it should not be bad at all right.

Anyway Kurusu Shou Chibi paper craft requires 6 sheets of paper to build and is an easy one to make. Any kid can build this paper craft.

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