Black Bullet Aihara Enju Paper craft

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Aihara Enju is one of the protagonist in Black Bullet anime that was shown back in 2014. It has Light Novel series, manga and 13 episodes of anime.

Sadly I’ve never seen any of it so I don’t know much about her. So here comes wikipedia descriptions…

Enju is a Cursed Child, and is Rentar?’s Model Rabbit Initiator in Tend? Civil Security.

She lives with Rentar? and goes to primary school normally until her status as a Cursed Child was revealed during the incident involving Kagetane Hiruko, and was forced to transfer to a new school.

When first introduced to Rentar? by the International Initiator Supervising Organization (IISO), Enju had severe trust problems, but this has since improved through getting along with Rentar? and eventually becoming infatuated with him-(to the point where she has romantic feelings for him) despite her young age.

Now as for Enju’s paper craft model it requires 5 sheets of paper to build and comes with PDO for assembling guide.

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