Chibi Niwatari Kutaka & Kawashiro Nitori Paper craft

Today we have chibi game paper craft of Niwatari Kutaka and Kawashiro Nitori both from the Touhou Project series game.

Niwatari Kutaka is a god of chickens and a guard of?Hell. She lives in a spring atop the?Youkai Mountain?but goes to?Higan?for her job of overseeing the gateway to otherworlds such as Hell under the?yama’s oversight.

While Kawashiro Nitori ?is a somewhat shy?Kappa?who lives in?Genbu Ravine?on?Youkai Mountain. She has the power to control water, and along with the other kappa she is very good with engineering and technology.

I know I’ve been posting a lot of Touhou Projects paper craft lately, well that’s because there are so many pepakura designers making them and not other models?

Both of this model is design by pepakura designer Nobi.