British Challenger Tank Paper Model

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What we have here is a tank model from The Army of British FV4030/4 Challenger 1, which was the main battle tank (MBT) of the British Army from 1983 to the mid-1990s.

The model later was superseded by the Challenger 2. It is said that Jordanian Armed forces is currently using the Challenger 2 as their main battle tank with heavy modifications. Among the stuff added by the Jordanian military are an unmanned turret called the Falcon Turret.

These guys makes it sound like it’s a game, you know like minecraft or WOT where you can just purchase and upgrade and mount it. These people are so hardcore ..

What I can tell you about this model is that it is scaled at 1:25 which means it’s quite big , you’ll need an A3 size paper to print. The diameter is about 29cm, height 13.8cm and width 10 cm.

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