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This is Rozen Maiden’s Suigintou papercraft ( Mercury Lamp ), she is the first Rozen Maiden ever created.

I absolutely had no idea who she is and the only name I got within the templates is “Mercury”. When I got stuck like this I tend to MYP page and ask the fellowship of the ring, I know that one of them would knew who she was.

One of the famous fellowship, nickname Dallas told me that this is Suigintou and suddenly the “Mercury” makes sense.

Long Live The Fellowship!

If for some reason you have no idea what Rozen Maiden is, it’s an anime about a boy who decided to secluded himself inside his home after being bullied by his classmate.

He was later chosen by the Rozen’s doll to come Shinku’s master and joins the Alice Game.

Long story short, it’s a creepy anime. Don’t watch it 😛

Suigintou’s chibi model comes in jpg and pdo templates which requires around 8 piece of paper to build. The filename are in Chinese so make sure your computer can read them. Or, just rename it to English.

I usually does that before sharing it with you guys but eh.. I’ll let you guys work once in a while.

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