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In MMO game World of Tanks, BT-2 is a tier 2 Russian light tank. It has excellent acceleration with good enough speed for a beginner tanks.

Although I haven’t tried this tank myself so I can’t vouch if BT-2 is a good tank. I have always gone with MS-1 -> T-26 -> T-46 -> T-28 -> KV-1 -> T150 or KV-1S for Russian tanks. Why? Because I’m one of those noob that got killed and saw other people owning in KV-1 tanks.

And so I follow the masses and choose to be a stereotype 😛 Here is some description for BT-2 by WOT .

“While the German tier 2 light tanks are more general purpose in nature, the Soviet BT-2 was designed for speed. With this tank you will begin learning tactics that will apply to all light tanks at higher tiers. In combat, you want to attack enemy flanks, preferably while they’re busy fighting one of your allies.

Use your speed to get in fast and then get out again. This is a great way to take out enemy artillery. The BT-2 provides a great platform for getting the auto-cannon into range fast where it’s the most effective. Once more or less fully upgraded, the 45 mm 20K and 37 mm ZiS-19 are also good weapons at this tier. This tank also serves well in a scouting role, but the limited signal range can be an issue if there are no friendlies between you and the main group to relay your signal. ”

BT-2 papercraft requires about 7 pages of paper to print, assembling guide is included with template. Templates comes in PDF file

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