16 Classic Computer Papercraft

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I was browsing the web for new and unique papercraft designs when I came across a collection of classic computer papercraft created by Rocky Bergen.

These papercraft models beautifully capture the nostalgia of computers from the 90s. During that era, computers were known for their bulky size, featuring large CRT monitors and mechanical keyboards.

The CRT screens accompanying these computers were typically around 14-17 inches in size, and playing retro games on them was an absolute delight.

I distinctly remember the satisfyingly clunky and heavy feel of the mechanical keyboards, which added a unique tactile experience that is missing from modern keyboards.

In those days, it was rare for individuals to assemble their own computers; instead, they would purchase computers from well-known brands like IBM, Apple, Commodore, Amiga, and others.

These brands held a special place in the hearts of computer enthusiasts, as they represented the cutting-edge technology and innovative designs of the time.

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