Virtual Youtuber Kiryu Coco

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Kiryu Coco is a Japanese Hololive’s virtual Youtuber and this is the unofficial Kiryu Coco Papercraft made by Moekami.

Background Story

Kiryu Coco, a virtual YouTuber, is a dragon girl known for her energetic and charismatic personality. With vibrant purple hair and dragon wings, she captivates her audience with a mix of humor, wit, and occasional mischief.

Coco’s content ranges from gaming and music to chatting with her fans. She is fluent in multiple languages, adding to her global appeal.

Her unique feature is her ability to breathe fire during streams, which adds a playful and exciting element to her performances. Coco’s strong fanbase is drawn to her genuine interactions, infectious laughter, and her ability to create a welcoming and entertaining environment.

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For the papercraft there’s a demo version and a premium version.

Demo version consist of Kiryu Coco’s head only papercraft while the premium version consist of the whole figurine papercraft.

The cost for the premium version is 2000 JPY. Which is around $14.44 . If you like this model, do support moekami by buying this papercraft templates.