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How about making your own owl mask this year?

Halloween is coming soon and and just like last year I am currently looking and hauling as many great Halloween papercraft to share with you guys this year

Court of Owls Mask Papercraft is based on Court of Owls gang in Batman. It is a fictional organized crime group and secret society in Batman and other DC Comics. They have secretly existed for over a century in Gotham City.

The Court kidnaps child performers from the circus, to train and transform into their assassins known as Talons. They were first mentioned in Batman #1 (2011), and make their first full appearance in Batman #5 as part of The New 52.

I’m not really a fan of DC comics, when I grew up Smallville was the hottest show on TV. As my nee-chan love watching Lex Luthor, I too enjoyed watching it till the show went downhill with crappy storyline and additional characters that don’t make any sense. It’s a given that any TV series would be nonsensical however Smallvile makes me hate DC.

Back to our paper craft templates, the designer is LAMBZILLA and it is mildly easy to make. It took 5 sheets of paper and comes in .PDO version. I’d recommend using paper of 180gsm above or any cardstock .

You could use primer and putty to make your mask harden like the real one in store or you could just buy one from amazon as they are selling it pretty cheap, around $14 with nice packaging with Batman logo printed on. Honestly I would buy one for collection.

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