Batman Begins Tumbler Papercraft

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This is Batmobile papercraft or known as Tumbler from the movie Batman Begins.

Bruce Wayne acquired a shelved Wayne Enterprises military vehicle, called the “Tumbler”, to serve as his Batmobile. Originally sporting military desert camouflage paint, Bruce Wayne requested Lucius Fox to have the Tumbler painted black. At that time, Wayne never referred to it as the “Batmobile.”

The papercraft templates came complete with an array of weapons and gadgets, just like the car in movie.

Batman Tumbler’s papercraft requires 44 sheets of paper and comes in PDF. Instruction guides are in jpeg pictures. Level of difficulty for this papercraft is Advanced, definitely not for beginner. This is by far the most complex papercraft I have seen so far.

Batman Tumbler papercraft is designed by Terrordron and the featured pic there I stole from xpsg. Actually the templates came with that picture when I downloaded it but yeah whatever.

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