Danbo Papercraft Project

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Difficulty :

The first paper model that I want to make is Danboard from Yotsuba. I wanted its figure but there’s always something else that needed money . I searched around and found a lot of danbo’s papercraft model on the net which is moveable too.

The most confusing part while making danboard is when you need to fold the flaps upward to connect body / head joints. The instruction is quite confusing. Picture on the left shows how it should be.

I downloaded template from Zarzamorita and followed Yujiwae’s guide. They uses the same template but with minor differences in print . I pick Zarza’s template because her templates folding part is visible compared Yujiwae’s and make it easier for me to assemble.


Click Here or here to see the finish version of my danbo’s papercraft project.

And if you wanted the template you can get it here : Download Danboard Paper Model template

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