Yamaha MT 10 Paper craft

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Yamaha has released its realistic motorcycle model Yamaha MT10 model.

Nothing like any existing models, MT-01 was born into the world as a completely original being. ?MT?, the Master of Torque, has been expanding its offers, based on the concept of ?Torquey ?Agile?, to match your motorcycle lifestyle and life stage ever since.

With the introduction of the flagship model of ?MT-10?, the series with the solid concept is perfecting its line.

The world of MT Series is displayed in Yamaha?s original animation film of ?Master of Torque? and ?Ray of Darkness? campaign run in Europe, imparting the hypersonic and edgy image.

Immerse yourself in the unique world of MT-10 all the while assembling the paper craft of this machine!

Okay so if you read all of the above it seems that Yamaha MT-10 appear in anime movie. Model requires 47 sheets of paper to build.