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Kurumi Tokisaki is a spirit that killed more than 10 thousand of people and is considered as the most dangerous spirits known in Date A Live anime and game.

Kurumi uses her power to transfer into Shido Itsuka’s school and classroom just to get closer to him. She didn’t get closer to him because she likes him. Her intention was to consume Shido’s ability and to exterminate him.

Despite having an elegant appearances, good manner, an innocent curious young sweet girl , Kurumi is brutal and doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone with a blink of an eye. In another word, she a sociopath and a psycho killer.

Ah.. She’s my dream type of girl. Ha ha ha. She’s probably a meanie. Like any other spirits, Kurumi shares their hatred to humans. She also has the ability to summon shadow clone for spying and sneaking which mean if you cheated on her, you’ll end up dead.

So then how does Shido manage to stay alive after meeting Kurumi and have multiple dates behind her? Questionable indeed.

Kurumi model template is an easy one to make and doesn’t require much paper. Only 3 paper are needed and comes in .PDO and .PDF files.

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