Tohou Project Fujiwara no Mokou Papercraft

This is Fujiwara no Mokou from Touhou Project’s old pc game that began in 1995 by Team Shanghai Alice. Fujiwara used to be human till she drinks Hourai elixir 1300 years ago. She cannot die but she can feel the pain and suffering as normal.

Fujiwara is considered as a powerful character because her body can heal quickly, leaving no wounds open up. She can keep fighting until she can no longer stand the pain.

The reason why Fujiwara became immortal is because she wanted to take revenge on the moon princess. Fujiwara’s father asked Kaguya Houraisan for her hand in marriage, and Kaguya requested her father to do an impossible task embarrassing Fujiwara’s family.

She searched for a way to take revenge and followed a group of soldier lead by Iwakasa in mount Fuji that carries an important jar belongs to Kaguya. The group of soldier is going to get rid of the jar by throwing it into volcano pit, but all of the soldiers were exterminate by Konohana-Sakuyahime before they could manage to do it, leaving Fujiwara with Iwakasa alone.

Swallowed by her greed of wanting to be immortal, she steals the jar from Iwakasa and drinks it. Making her the immortal Fujiwara no Mokou.

Requires 11 sheets of paper. Not for the fainted heart lol .