Digimon Mikagura Mirei paper craft

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Here’s Mikagura Mirei paper craft from Digimon : Cyber Sleuth video game unfolded by me.

Mikagura appeared in many Digimon series game usually as a mediator for Digimon related stuff. I know her from Digimon : Cyber Sleuth and in Cyber Sleuth she acted as the owner and adviser of Digimon lab where player could use Digimon farm, Digivolve, dungeons and buy digi items.

Mikagura seems to be able to travel from different lines of world similar to Okabe Rintarou from Steins Gate.

For example in Cybersleuth she open the gate of another world using Angewomon and LadyDevimon. As for the model you need to open this using Pepakura Viewer v4.0 as any lower version wouldn’t be able to open it.

Her hair is a bit easier to assemble than my other model, thanks to KurainoOni for ripping it properly.

I would like to thank Kevin Villa S. for teaching me how to unfold models. I owe it to you man.. Thanks a bunch

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